The Family Bible tells all!

Following from .. How I Got into Researching ….

Opening the Family Bible to the centre pages, you will find all the entries written by my Great Grandfather. The second page lists all the births, from 1877 to 1895. Reading down I counted ten children, two of these had died very young, just babies really. The other eight names were known to me, being my Grandfather’s brothers and sisters. It was obvious that I needed to organise all these facts in an orderly way and so off I went and bought an off the shelf scrap book. This was the real start of my family research.

I meticulously set out each page, drawing in a drop-line pedigree for all the data and also boxes ready for photographs to be stuck in! I entered all the names and dates straight from the bible. Now i needed the names of spouses, marriages, offspring and of course, deaths. I realised by this time, most of my Grandfather’s siblings had passed, as had he. However, over time and through talking to family members, I had completed all eight families.

There were three other pages in the bible, the first was the entry of marriage between my Great Grandfather and his wife, including where and when it took place. The second, as mentioned, were births. The third listed marriages, very helpful! On the last page, were the deaths.

I recall that it was around this time that I scrutinised the pages further and noticed at the very bottom of the Births page, more entries, albeit faint and crammed in. I could see that it was also in my Great Grandfather’s handwriting. With my trusted magnifying glass, I transcribed each word and date. Once I had finished, I read out loud the findings. These were another marriage, followed by four more births.

I was amazed!