Uncover the mysteries in your family tree

Are you interested in your ancestry, but unsure how or where to begin? Perhaps you’ve made some progress, but can’t seem to get any further.

Family Past helps you discover the missing links in your family tree. 

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“Thanks to Andy’s persistence, patience and diligent research, my family discovered a horde of relatives that no one knew existed. The process of becoming acquainted is underway and has to this point resulted in the first of what we hope will be many family reunions. To say that this discovery and the ensuing process has … Continue reading Deb C, Collingwood Ontario, September 2016

Deb C, Collingwood Ontario, September 2016

“I would definitely recommend Andrew Hawes as the person to research your family ancestry. His knowledge and skills give him the amazing ability to find information from the past. I found Andy to be easy to communicate with. He was quick to respond to my emails and kept me informed of progress. Andy provided me … Continue reading Susan Z, Ontario Canada, September 2016

Susan Z, Ontario Canada, September 2016

“Having been adopted as a baby 83 years ago, what a surprise and delight that you found a wonderful photograph of my birth mother. Also wanted to let you know that we are still in contact with my new-found cousin in America.” Thanks for all your hard work.  

Terry L, Cornwall, November 2015

“As a person who was interested in their ancestry, but had no idea how to go about it, this site was a great option. Let someone else do the work! The results given to me were easy to follow and understand. Any further questions I had were investigated fully and the findings reported back to … Continue reading Liz H, Plymouth, Devon July 2016

Liz H, Plymouth, Devon July 2016


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