To start…

The initial consultation is free.

During this meeting (depending on your location, this can be face to face, via email, skype, phone – whatever suits you best), I will ask you questions and request information you currently have on the ancestors you wish to trace.

The amount of information clients have provided has varied widely. At this stage, some people have had very little to go on, only providing full names and dates of birth.

Even in these cases, Family Past has managed to confirm fascinating historical facts about their ancestral background and history.

Following this meeting, Family Past will do a quick investigation, and if this looks promising, I will contact you about the next steps and any associated fees.

At this point, should you decide you do not want to proceed, there will be no fee.


Next steps…

I will endeavour to create a detailed ancestral Family Tree. Each case is different: you may want to search your parent’s lineage, or look for your great grand parent’s siblings and offspring.

The genealogical investigation could be conducted through either your Mother’s or Father’s lineage, or both.

You will be kept up to date every step of the way.

All findings will be strictly confidential and no data will be published without prior consent.


What you’ll receive…

Following a period of in-depth research, Family Past will provide you with a full size print of your Family Tree, ready for framing, (size permitting)!

You will also receive an e-mailed copy of our detailed research into your family background.

All information you provide us with will be strictly confidential.


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