How I got into researching ancestral family trees.

Very little was passed down to my father from his father. However, there was one item, even though most of the time it was either hidden away in a cupboard or occasionally brought out and dusted off. It was the Family Bible, large, heavy, old and musty.

Hawes Family Bible

I never really took much notice of it when I was young. When I was much older I happened to look at it more thoroughly. I found the centre pages where my Great Grandfather had written the details of his family events. I glanced down the list of names of each child, recognizing my “aunts and uncles”, then the name of my Grandfather and his younger sister. I then noticed, albeit quite faint, four other names. Who were they?

There were three males and one female. The dates, all around 1900. The first thing I noticed was the female had two dates, a birth and a death. She was just two years old. Who were the three remaining boys?

My curiosity was awakened. That was over thirty years ago!

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